patio flame

Your Questions Answered

1. What is the fuel?
The fuel is isopropyl alcohol similiar to sterno but formulated to burn with a decorative yellow flame.

2. How long do the get fuel cans last?
2 1/2 - 3 hours.

3. How expensive is the gel fuel?
It is $3 - 3.25 per can.

4. Where can I purchase the gel fuel?
The easiest method and least expensive price is to order from various online retailers.
(listing provided on instruction sheet)

5. How do I extinguish the flame?
Extinguish with lid of the gel fuel can.

6. Can I cook food over the gel fuel?
It is not recommended.

7. How do the Patio Flames come packaged?
Boxed with a detailed instruction sheet and one can of fuel.

8. Where are they made?
They are hand-made in the studio of Mark Kuzio, a professional potter of over 30 years.

9. Can they repel flying insects?
s, makes a gel fuel which contains citronella!

10. Are there other uses?
Yes, as a distinctive wine cooler or a unique planter.


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